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Get answers to questions relating to use and support of smart systems

What happens if person is too ill to present their finger?

The Hospital should notify the Insurance/Organization for off Smart billing.

What do I do if the client’s fingerprint does not match?

If the card has been used before, there is a possibility that it is not the right member presenting the fingerprint. Some few cases is because the wrong fingerprint was registered, so try all fingers otherwise contact Smart/Insurance/Organization for further advice.

What do we do if there is a power blackout at the healthcare facility?

The Hospital should notify the Insurance/Organization & Smart for off Smart billing authorization.

What should I do if the network is down and the system is offline?

When the Smart system goes offline, for safe billing during this process, the provider should contact Smart for confirmation of the member validity/card balances. Smart system can operate on an OFFFLINE MODE.

What should I do if the patient disputes/doubts their Smart card balance?

The Hospital should contact Smart for balance confirmation. Usually the member balance is affected by other family member utilisation. However it is important to confirm the system is already ONLINE.

How do I get replacement for Smart equipments that have been damaged/ lost?

The Hospital should inform Smart for further advice in arrangement for equipment replacement. For damage/lost attributed to the facility, the respective facility will take liability.

How will the Insurance know that I have billed their clients on Smart?

Please ensure you always print the Smart utility report to accompany submitted invoices.

What do I need to do if I get a patient whose card is physically damaged/not recognizable on Smart?

The Hospital should call the Insurance for off Smart billing authorization and advice the patient to return the card to insurance/organization for replacement.

Should I retain Smart cards in case of system/power failure?

We do not recommend retention of Smart cards. For any system down or inability to capture bill through Smart, please contact respective Insurance/organization for off Smart billing.

What if the trained Smart user is not available to run the system?

We recommend that more than one person is trained on use of Smart system. Smart provides simple user guide in case of absence of trained users. If one is stuck, please contact Smart for quick guidance. The Smart team will carry out refresher training at least once in every quarter.

Whom do I call when Smart system develops a challenge/gives an error on use?

For all system related issues or card errors Smart should be the first point of contact. If Smart confirms that the challenge is associated with the Insurance policy of the member, Smart shall advise to contact the respective Insurance or organization.

Where do I get the Smart contact?

The Smart contact can be found on the Smart system window and on the face of the Smart card reader.

Do I need to advise Smart in case our IT consultant is working on the network or computer where Smart is installed?

It is highly recommended that you inform Smart in case you have plans to make any changes on the computer or network where Smart is installed since this can affect the Smart system, its connectivity and the data. Please note that if Smart data is lost, Smart will not guarantee 100% recovery, especially cases where all transaction have not been transmitted.

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