[Nakuru, Kenya, 19th April 2024]- Smart Applications International (Smart), a leading ICT solutions provider, successfully hosted a healthcare provider forum, which brought together various healthcare stakeholders on the 19th of April 2024, at The Sarova Woodlands Hotel Nakuru, Kenya. The purpose of the event was to explore the opportunities presented by digital technologies in enhancing healthcare access for patients and improving healthcare administration for providers in the region.

During the event, Smart took the opportunity to interact with the audience, which comprised both healthcare and Insurance professionals, and showcased its wide range of healthcare technology solutions from its portfolio that facilitate the seamless digitisation of the healthcare industry.

One of the key solutions showcased at the event was MediSmart, SmartHealth+, the company’s comprehensive Hospital Management Information System (HMIS). SmartHealth+ optimises resources, streamlines operations, and enhances the patient experience within healthcare facilities.

“By giving more information about SmartHealth+, our comprehensive Hospital Management Information System (HMIS), we are empowering healthcare providers in the region to embrace the transformative power of digital technologies. With SmartHealth+, we aim to revolutionise healthcare administration, optimize resources, and ultimately improve the patient experience within healthcare facilities.” Esther Macharia, Head of Hospital Operations, Smart Applications, noted.

Another key solution showcased at the event was MediSmart, Smart’s flagship Automated Medical Scheme Management Solution using biometric technology to enhance healthcare access and eliminate fraud through combating impersonation and wastage in medical insurance schemes.

The discussion centred around the evolution of MediSmart as it can now be accessed through Smart Virtual Access, a recently launched mobile phone portable technology solution.  This innovation utilises virtual and biometric technology to improve access to medical services. Given Kenya’s high mobile phone penetration rate of 80%, Smart’s mobile-centric approach aligns with the global agenda of leveraging mobile platforms to provide inclusive healthcare solutions.

Caption: The crowd comprising of key healthcare ecosystem stakeholders paying close attention at the Smart Applications International Rift Valley region provider Forum.

Isaiah Mosiori, the Group Chief Operations Officer, Smart Applications International, commented, “The development of healthcare solutions that leverage Mobile Phone Technologies demonstrates our institution’s commitment to simplifying digital healthcare access. Inclusive technologies such as USSD and mobile apps for feature and smartphones play a critical role in UHC Digitization and complement healthcare access.”

In addition to SmartHealth+ and MediSmart, the audience learned about Smart Analytics, a solution that provides insights into data from various business processes. This empowers medical service providers and insurance companies to make informed interpretations and decisions, leading to improved profitability, efficiency, and customer service. Smart Applications International ensures data protection compliance within the confines of the Data Protection Act and International Acts.

The event brought together healthcare providers, insurance providers, and policymakers who shared valuable insights on the role of technology in improving access to healthcare services. The forum included engaging discussions, keynote speeches, and interactive sessions.

Esther Macharia further expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of medical service providers and their proactive approach to utilising Smart’s solutions to enhance patient experiences and foster better communities.

Overall, the event was a resounding success, with participants expressing enthusiasm for adopting mobile phone technology to improve healthcare access. Smart Applications International is committed to hosting similar events in the future to continue promoting the adoption of technology in healthcare across different cities and countries.


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Smart Applications International is a leading ICT solutions provider delivering a wide range of world-class healthcare technological solutions. Fondly known as Smart within the industry, the company was founded to provide innovative, high-tech healthcaresolutions in Africa and beyond. Staying ahead through constant research and innovation is what Smart is all about, offering clients solutions that are secure, relevant, and convenient.

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