UHC Digitisation

Current Situation

Digital technology is a crucial tool for achieving Universal Healthcare Coverage, revolutionizing global healthcare. In both developed and developing nations, unprecedented access to health information and services is now possible through mobile technology and smartphones. In Africa, the 2023 figure of 489 million unique mobile subscribers, with a 43% penetration rate, underscores the potential of digital technology in delivering healthcare services to a wide audience.

UHC Digitisation

Our Solution

At Smart Applications, our solutions serve as essential enablers for digitising Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by facilitating the following key aspects.

Through these key components, Smart Applications is actively contributing to the digitisation of UHC, making healthcare more accessible, efficient, and data-driven, ultimately benefiting individuals and communities.


Data Centralisation:

Centralisation of data is a fundamental component of our UHC digitisation strategy. Our solutions are designed to gather, store, and manage healthcare data from various sources in a single, unified platform. This centralisation ensures that all pertinent patient and healthcare information is easily accessible, promoting streamlined operations and informed decision-making.

Patient/Resident Registration

To advance UHC, efficient patient and resident registration is crucial. Our solutions provide user-friendly interfaces for registering individuals within the healthcare system. This process includes capturing personal and medical information, creating unique identifiers, and maintaining up-to-date records. Seamless registration enhances the healthcare system's ability to track and serve patients effectively.


Patient/Resident Identification

Accurate and reliable patient or resident identification is vital for providing quality healthcare. Our solutions incorporate biometric technologies, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, to ensure secure and precise identification. This minimizes errors, prevents fraud, and enables healthcare providers to access an individual's medical history promptly.


Data Analytics

Data analytics is a cornerstone of our UHC digitisation efforts. We offer robust analytical tools that process and analyse healthcare data to extract valuable insights. This includes identifying trends, predicting disease outbreaks, optimizing resource allocation, and monitoring the overall health of populations. Data analytics helps healthcare stakeholders make informed decisions and improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare services.